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R&D Vision

Hi-tech LnH are dedicate to innovate skin care and beauty products. We are confident that our extensive experience in skin care and beauty industry will satisfy our future editional dermabration treatments)clients in the world.

Hi-tech LnH develops the highest quality skin care device and beauty products. Our products are developed by top scientists with year experience in the beauty industry.

Our vision is to grow as innovating skin care beauty company with superior technology in our R&D department as well as our production advantage in cost and efficiency

R&D Result

Clinical Data

Acne Treatment DANA-A

Acne Type Description  Effect
Subclinical acne Few blackheads and white-heads, visible only, in close examination No
Comedonal acne Blackheads and white-heads with slight inflammation(red) No
Mild acne Several inflamed (red) pimples Yes
Moderate acne Many inflamed (red) pimples and pustules* (visible accumulation of pus in skin) Yes
Severe nodular acne Inflamed (red) pimples and pustules (visible accumulation of pus in skin) with several deep nodular lesions (solid mass of skin like a knot, can be raised or felt under the skin) No
severe cystic acne Many nodular cystic lesions with scarring No
Cystic acne nodular lesions White-heads Black-heads